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ELIAN GEORGE BĂCILĂ URECHIATU, with vip - name ELIAN BĂCILĂ is a geologist and abstract painter born in ORŞOVA - ROMANIA, on 16.08.1974, the son of Peter and Elena. He attended and graduated from the Faculty of Geology, University of Bucharest, obtaining licenses metallogenic - GENESIS OF MINERAL DEPOSITS, classroom Univ. Dr. Gheorghe Popescu, in the session 1998. Launch of the first exhibition of abstract art - black held on 07.10.2011, the
Little Theatre of Bucharest in the presence of a large audience and students. Painter has a certain obsession with black and black authority for modernity and spirituality of this color. ``Light comes from darkness`` is his motto Elian Băcilă.
``When the light is reflected in the black transforms and transmutes it. It induces a mental field independently-tor. I am inspired by prehistoric because I believe that cavemen were the first artists who turned the cave into a sanctuary of creation. I am equally inspired by architectural shapes and lines of architecture of Antonio Gaudi, dreams, memory, imagination, hallucination and painter Jackson Pollock. Architecture is petrified musical that. Zenabou Banse, muse and my girlfriend (2011 - 2016) is a rich source of inspiration and tireless. I like painters Hieronymus Bosch, Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Frank Stella. 

More my likes are available from Diet Sayler, Pierre Soulages, Hans Hartung, Zhang Xiaogang and fashion - designer Yves Saint Laurent.

My  painting  is  irrigated  Geology  - land,
Jean Michel Jarre, Beethoven, Kitaro -  Masanori Takahashi. Stone is a special and a target for my work.``

MANAGER Alexandru CHIHAI, expert in ``Community Psychology`` built decisive level for the artist's career, on 27/09/2012 at PARLIAMENT - PALACE, in the presence of HE Kaliopi Avraam, Representative of the EU Presidency, ES Ambassador Liviu Bota and other personalities attended national and international academic and the Romanian Academy.

``On October 7, 2011, in Bucharest, at the first exhibition of black art in the presence of a large audience at the premiere participants official Elian BĂCILĂ reveals gorgeous black model Zenabou BANSE, citizen - dutch, with masters in art and culture graduate of the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, being the origin of Africa Burkina Faso, meeting that will mark the life and work, becoming a wonderful young muse, lover, child and future wife, it was love at first sight. "Light of my life" (Elian BĂCILĂ) Fom la mam vima bou­goum! (More language Zenabou Banse)``.

Now I'm more inspired of my source, international photo - model  Dana - Simona  Voiculescu 
      ``Man is energetic in its permanent change of mentality. The soul of an artist var­ies from a barometer in changing seasons. Mr. Elian Băcilă is a seeker of new paths in art. He follows his own path destined for Supreme Destiny. In his paintings Mr. Elian Băcilă works well, very black. Black tones arranged next to each other and in most cases overlapping betray a foolish but brave and willful start to separate colors from deep black. Like drawing and composition, in particular the style of the artist Elian Bă­cilă black paintings author wants to bring out the light from the depths of darkness and time, the birth of life and light.

        Elian Băcilă, artist painting on black this put you in a quiet and heavy at the moment, yet fail to make clear anything. You include a feeling unknown and is immersed in the details – a mind unprepared for it seems unclear and unknown.

       Moments after you have met and talked with Mr. Elian Băcilă – type of per­son mannered, pleasant and educated, discover that his black painting has a meaning value they can and otherwise – not just colorful. Life is so short that it is a shame to lose it, even a few seconds to explain what we wanted to express each artist. On the art itself and not to dissect. Less matter interpretation of the viewer. To escape the idea that life is not worthwhile to be lived. If life is often tragic, it is equally and cheerful. And I know for me shudder colors yet again!`` (Painter Vergil - Cojocaru  COVER)

Elian Băcilă, abstract painter, is creator for BLACK - LIGHT concept in GEOLOGICAL  PROCESSES. His painting is action and what is going to happen is an event. His artistic creation discover power lines, seduction black, surfaces routes, ammonites which spring from cloth (ancestors snails) and show the direct link with prehistory.

Elian Băcilă - painter building the EXPRESSIONIST - MINIMALIST - ABSTRACT - GESTUALIST  style.

``What appears my paintings are painted in earthy radiographs and paint in my work-creation  which is below us and not seen - Earth is a living planet.`` ELIAN  BĂCILĂ

Artist Exhibitions Personal
2013 ``Abstract Painting - Vip`` BLACK - LIGHT Concept * Romanian Banking Institute
2012 -  BLACK - LIGHT Concept, Parliament Palace, Bucharest
Implement strategies for Romania SUERD * Eurolink - House of Europe , Bucharest
2011 - Club ``A`` Bucharest
2011 - Tan-Tan Club * Book Release ``Little Portuguese``  Bucharest
2011 - Little Theater, Bucharest * First - Run
2011 - Restaurant  ``Malagamba`` Galery,  Bucharest
Collective Exhibitions
2017 The National Bookhouse, Bucharest  ``The National Exhibition of the Medieval Art``, Bucharest
2017 ``Mogosoaia`` Palace ``Grace from Classic forward Abstract`` Bucharest  
2017 ``Romana`` Gallery, Bucharest  
2016 ``Ferdinand - King`` The Military Museum, Bucharest  
2016 The Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest ``The Voices of the Sea`` 
2016 The National Museum of Village, Bucharest ``The National Sacred Art of Exhibition`` Bucharest
2016 Parliament Palace, Bucharest ``Grounds`` Bucharest
2016  ``Ferdinand I`` National Military Museum - Bucharest 
2016 ``ARTUT`` GALLERY, Faculty of Technological Equipment - Bucharest
2016 In Memoriam * Luminita Ciupitu ``ARTUT`` GALLERY, Faculty of Technological Equipment - Bucharest
2015 Commemorative ``151 years of education - building`` UTC - Bucharest
2015 Băcilă & Sinescu ``BLACK - LIGHT``, Signum Gallery, Bucharest 
2014 ``Grimberg`` Auction House & Art - Gallery Bucharest
2014 Elite Prof Art Gallery, Bucharest, ``10 + 10 PLUS`` Exhibition, The third Edition
2014 Elite Prof Art Gallery & Crown Plaza Hotel - Bucharest, ``White & Black``
2014 Elite Prof Art Gallery & Crown Plaza Hotel - Bucharest, ``Abstract Art``
2013  Băcilă & Crăciun & Sinescu, Fine Art, Sculpture and Painting, American Institute, Bucharest
2013 Arts Showroom, Grounds, Ed``Primordial Elements Music`` Parliament Palace, Bucharest
2013 Itinerant Exhibition, Piatra Neamț, ``Primordial Elements Music``
2013 Alchemia Gallery, Băcilă & Cover, Art Show - Room, Bucharest
2013 Sinesciene Temptations, Băcilă & Cover & Sinescu, Bucharest



2016 eStrada – TV ``Informed & Involved``
2016 ``Kitaro loves my work`` - Interview with Elian Băcilă``
2015 ``6TV`` Interview ``Alupei Investigates``
2015, eStrada – TV ``Informed & Involved``
2014, Donation abstract - painting for Kitaro - Masanori Takahashi (JAPAN) * Palace - Chamber, Bucharest
2014, ``Future`` Interview ``Big-Painter from Romania``
2014, eStrada – TV ``Treasures We Cherish``
2014, Dîrțu C., Romanian Personalities and their actions, StudIS House-Print, Iași, LVIII Edition
2014, Zamfir, G. B., ``Generator black of light in the original conception by the artist Elian Băcilă``, Cetatea lui Bucur * WordPress * Online Edition
2013 Alternative Investments ``Portofolio & Wallet`` ELIAN BĂCILĂ * Business Newspaper - Stock * EXCHANGE *
2013 ``Abstract Painting - Vip`` BLACK - LIGHT Concept * Donation abstract - painting for EURONEWS - TV, Lyon, France * Romanian Banking Institute 
2013, eStrada – TV ``Treasures We Cherish``
2013, Dîrțu C., Romanian Personalities and their actions, StudIS House-Print, Iași, LVII Edition
2013, Catalog, Art - Show Room ``Grounds``,  ``Primordial Elements Music``,
4th Ed, Bucharest
2013/MAY/8-31, Parliament Palace, Bucharest ``Grounds`` Project 
2013 Romanian Rugby Players & Their Friends ``Make - Up`` Project
2013, Top-Business No. 833, International Edition * (Bucharest, Bruxelles, New - York)
2012, Media University * art-movie ``Black - Painter`` Elian Băcilă, TV 
2012, Top-Business, No. 829, International Edition (Bucharest, Bruxelles, New - York)
2011, Donation for National Heritage ``Cotroceni`` National Museum, Bucharest 
2011, Antonescu G., ``BLACK - LIGHT`` Painter of Black ``RADAR - MEDIA`` Online - Edition
2011, Păsărin, R., ``BLACK - LIGHT`` Minimalist - Abstract ``SCRIE  LIBER`` Online - Edition
2011, Meet with ADRIAN FAGETEAN, Confessed - Parent ``LAINICI`` Monastery